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I (heart) powerpoint

Envisioning Emotional Epistemological Information

A lecture  on art, emotion and Powerpoint by David Byrne (3/6/05) University of Washington.

David gave a typically relaxed, personable and humerous presentation.   He detailed his explorations with Powerpoint  from  personal (likes),  artistic (what can I do with  this?)  and academic (how effective is it at conveying ‘information’?) perspectives.

He used a specially constructed  Powerpoint slide deck (on an Apple Notebook) to illustrate  his presentation.      He made some obvious,  poignient, observations.   For example, that bullet points are impactful in business presentations.   Power and impact.   Power points.   David commented that he had recently started using bullet points in personal emails.    Sometimes its difficult to tell if David is being increadibly earnest or facetious.   That’s half the fun.

At the end of his story  the audience questions were entertaining  in how they reflected the diversity of Davids themes and the audiences make-up:

  • What feature would you like to see added?” (Software development  question – the event was 20 miles from Microsoft)
  • how do you think  digital media influence culture”   (Exam paper essay question – the event was in a University Hall)

David answered all questions with powerful, pointed, insight.   Answers  gently delivered in an un-rushed mild manner.    

I’ll probably update this entry as I recall the humor of his points…   …that weren’t bulletted..

Thanks for visiting – Wendy

I (heart) PowerPoint |David Byrne|
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