13th Century Corporate Chapel

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UK Vacation 3

This “Lord Mayor’s chapel” was originally built to service a hospital in the 13th century.   It was bought by the City of Bristol and is the only chapel owned by a “city” (corporation).   Rather than owned,  for example, by a religious order or private family.

It clearly demonstrates the close relationship between local city administration and religion in Britain.   Whether this close relationship is a good thing is open to debate.   Id be curious about people’s opinions.

When I looked around the church I found the mix of old and new artefacts intriguing.   Illustrated by the desk and computer photographed below.

The Flags look like they may show ‘coat of arms’ representing ‘sponsorship’ of this Church.    The bristol city coat of arms, is one possibility.   Other possibilities include families that have significant relationships with this church,   for example the Dragoo family,   professional Guilds, or oganisations (e.g. Universities).    I wish I’d asked about them while I was there…

13th Century Corporate Chapel
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