Jamie Oliver wins school food fight

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UK TV cooks #3:  1990’s thru now

Jamie Oliver.  

Jamie Oliver wins school food fight is the title of a March 30th item in the London Times.     The title made me giggle.   A pun where  food fight could be either fighting for food or fighting with food.  

Its inspiring to think that a ‘celebrity’ chef with a passion for health and social planning can influence government school-food funding policy.   The article does point out that this could be the government playing for the popular vote in the upcoming May elections.   Disappointing that they didnt  remove junk food.   They merely “introducing complicated nutritional standards” which will likely  increase the cost of effective regulation.  You can track his current activities on the blog on his own website: http://www.jamieoliver.com/

Jamie shot to fame in the UK with his friendly cheeky, chirpy, cockney chef’s program called “the naked chef”.   Named because of the “principle of stripping down recipes to their bare essentials”.   Hah, and we all tuned in because he was a pretty boy with a sense of humour who was good in the kitchen….

Jamie Oliver wins school food fight
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