Why aren’t you fat?

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UK vacation #15

What were the first words spoken to me from an old friend that I hadn’t seen for 10 years?  
Good to see you?
You look good?.


They were:     Why aren’t you fat

Quickly followed by:     how long have you been living in America?  

5 years

as we hug he queries again   why aren’t you fat?

To this Brit, and many like him, living in America is viewed as just cause for obesity.  

Its not easy.  I only eat when I’m hungry and no more

Eating is so integrated in the culture of generosity and sharing in America.   Giving food is a way to show you care, accepting the food is a way of demonstrating that you appreciate the caring.   When I turn-down food Americans look personally slighted and I feel like I’ve delivered an ungracious offence.   I can’t justify the refusal by saying Im on a diet because I’m not fat.     I would be fat if I accepted all the generous offers of fabulous food that are made to me.   Its a difficult and ever-present tension between politeness and personal health.    

Wendy  (eats like a ‘bird’)

Why aren’t you fat?
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