Blue Grass Music in a converted garage

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Charlotte, NC #6

On Wednesday evening we went to Puckett’s Farm Equipment Co. A garage converted into a bar and venue with pool tables, music stage, and lots of NASCAR accessories.

We drove up in an Avis rented Ford Taurus. The car park was full of pick-up trucks. I was a bit scared. An old man with very few, very wonky, teeth and a substantial white beard reminiscent of ZZ-Top approached us. He asked my companion if he could ask me to dance. I tried to copy the fast-steps placed by the other girls on the dance floor. Some people had bare feet, Mr. ZZ-Top had very shiny Cuban healed cowboy boots. Everyone smiled and the girls chatted with me afterwards.

A very friendly place for a white person. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I’ve never seen an ‘electric washboard’ before. I was too shy to point my camera at the locals, it felt too intrusive. You’ll have to imagine this southern bar full of NASCAR, beer, and blue-grass fans..

Fast foot-shuffling Wendy

Blue Grass Music in a converted garage
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