Andrew Jackson State Park

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Charlotte, NC: #10

Andrew Jackson state park is actually in South Carolina, less than an hours’ drive from Charlotte.  

The park is relatively small,   including an  ampitheatre.   It looked like a wonderful place to  BBQ and listen to live music.  

Andrew Jackson   was the 7th US president, known as ‘Old Hickory’  

There is some controversey about where he was born, Carolina or Tenessee.   The lady guide at the park described how every year they held a football match to decide who gets bragging rights to his birthplace for the year.   She was an actress in over 20 films including “The Patriot’   that was mainly filmed locally.   She speculated there probably were no bears left in Britain because they must have killed so many to make the uniform hats.   The actual museum,   though small was very child-friendly,   interactive,   they had examples of all the clothes used to make clothes that you could touch and example clothes that you could try-on.

She warned us about the fire-ants which were in adundance outside.   More gently and more noticable in their presence were huge bumble-bees in the air outside.   They were so big that I originally mistook them for Hornets.   Hornets are represented on Charlotte cities ‘flag’.   They were chosen becuase a British general likened being in charlotte to being in a Hornets nest.   The flag also reminds me of the Scottish national flag,   but it is not menitoned on any of the web-sites I’ve read so far.

Andrew Jackson State Park
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