Windows (Peter Greenaway)

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Geek warning    I get over-excited about most of Peter Greenaway’s work.    You can watch a striking 4 minute piece called “Windows” online  from his website:


“I had been appalled and fascinated by the statistics coming out of South Africa – political prisoners pushed out of windows, with fatuous excuses like they slipped on a bar of soap, they thought it was the door, etc. I built that into a fiction, trying to find all the possible reasons why anybody might fall out of a window, and compressed it into 3 1/2 minutes and set these appalling facts up against a very idyllic landscape in order to create irony and paradox. I think it sums up everything I’ve done afterwards: it’s about statistics, it’s very eclectic, it has a very lyrical use of landscape, it’s about death – four characteristics that have stayed with me ever since.”

The post-modern experience of watching it on “Windows” Media Player was not lost on me.   Peter’s skill is impressive  – in making his audience (me) laugh despite trying very hard to take the morbid statistics respectfully.  

I guess Microsoft wont be using this as a promotional back-drop for their main product  


Windows (Peter Greenaway)
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