Really Simple Sindication


(some letters have been changed to evade MSN censorship)

Really Simple“?   I dont think so  

“Syndication“?   what is that when its at home?!!!!  

This is what MSN Spaces Help says:  

MSN Spaces enables you to syndicate (Makes specified content from your site available to others to use and display on their websites. When the syndicated content from your site is updated, the content is also updated on other sites that contain that content.) your space (A place on the Web where you can share information with others by publishing your thoughts and interests through content such as blogs, photos, and lists.) by using RSS (Really Simple Syndication) (A web protocol that allows for easy syndication of a website.) . If you syndicate your space, it can be read by an RSS news reader (A program that allows a user to read content from various RSS news feeds and blogs.) or aggregator (A program that watches for new content coming over specified RSS feeds.), which allows the people who use them to get updates to your space as soon as you publish them. When you syndicate your space, your blog, lists, photo albums, and music lists are all syndicated.

After 3 cups of tea,   some serious beard-tugging and cat taunting,   I think I understand the above ‘help’.    Could they be saying that:

If you ‘syndicate’  your space,   someone-else with a syndicate ‘reader’ or ‘aggregator’ can use it to get any updates you make to your  space automatically shown on their own website!    Wendy – You don’t have a syndicate reader on your space – tough shite,   ha ha ha…..    

The first half sounds great!   Call me hallucinatory,   but I wasn’t so happy about the second half of the message.    

I noticed that in my settings I have allowed other people to syndicate my  space.    It would be very flattering if someone actually wanted to track my entries!     My “statistics”  (attached) show that someone has syndicated my site.   Hooray!   Though most of my readers come here from my MSN Messenger contact card,   my email signature, and other people’s MSN Spaces.

But what do those RSS lists  show?   Does each of them mean that a differet  RSS reader has pulled content from the entry cited?   Are they all the same one that is making lots of duplicate updates?   Why are they updating some of my entries from over 2 weeks ago?   How many readers are there (how popular is my site)?

Like the CultFigurine mentioned – I’d like my ‘Statistics’ more accessible,   I’d even like the ability to publish them on my blog – so people can see how popular my site is (not!!) on different days…   I’ll have to ask MSN Feedback.

Now that I think I know what ” RSS ” is I want my  Space to have a syndicate reader or agregator.   That would make me come here to read as well as to write.   Another thing to ask MSN Feedback

Wendy Sensored Syndicating


Really Simple Sindication
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