Jasper Fford


This week I went to a reading by Jasper Fford.   For years,   my friends have been recommending that I read his books.   There is an outline of his work on:   http://www.jasperfforde.com/

His presentation was very relaxed and entertaining.   Already I regret not having followed my friends advice.   I will start reading his books in publication order…

He talked about games that he plays with his family.   These included

  • The Starbucks challenge“:   try to present your order to the Barista so that they do not ask you any follow-on questions.
  • tele-marketer challenge“: when answering a phone call from a telemarketer only answer questions with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ the game ends when you cannot answer with yes or no.  Their family record is 11 questions.   Can you beat that?
  • Tesco’s (major supermarket chain) challenge:   attempt to place a highly inappropriate article in another persons basket,   or place.   For example,   put diapers in the deep-freezer, or place meat in the basket of someone who is obviously vegetarian.

Jasper was wonderful,   he so obviously enjoys life and finds fun in the most mundane of activities.   He talked about ‘Ordinaryfication’,   making the bizarre seem acceptable and the ordinary stuff appear facinating.   He likes to make-up words,   like ‘ordinaryfication’.   I was totally captured and inspired by his imagination,   what fun…  


Jasper Fford
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