Well out of order

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While comparing ‘Dentist’ stories with a Canadian colleague I menitoned that a Dentist working for the UK "National Health Service’ had ‘told me off’ for
  1. causing a filling he’d placed 3 weeks earlier to fall out after only 2 days because I obviously hadn’t ‘bitten down’ properly on it during the original placement.
  2. crying when he subsequently gave me an injection to numb my mouth to replace the filling I’d recklessly dislodged.   It hurt.   I couldnt help the tears.
I told her that I felt the Dentists’ manner was
‘well out of order’
She  couldn’t supress her laughter…   ..then muttered an attempted imitation of the phrase in an English accent…     …I’ve found another insensitivity criminal!  
Wendy  insensitivity-criminal-sorority-member

Well out of order
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