Failed Geek

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I took the hard drive out of my laptop,   carried it to a computer store, identified an appropriate  replacement, and picked up some small Phillips screw drivers.   Progress!

I  was feeling prematurely pleased with myself.   Maybe  I  could replace the drive and start the long tedious process or re-installing all my software:   OS, anti-virus, applications, anti-spyware etc….

HA!  more fool me…

I  discovered I need to remove the old drive from a close-fitting case that I had assumed was actually part of the drive.  

My hands are now raw with using all my strength to try and unscrew the casing.   No joy.   not even one of the four screws flinched.   I’m stuck.     Suggestions welcomed.   How do I loosen the screws?  Then once loosened how do I tighten them sufficently on the new drive without damaging it?

I  feel pathetic and frustrated.  

Computers shouldn’t do that to anyone.

Ineffectual Wendy    

Failed Geek
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