Failed Geek IV: None-Geeks’ revenge

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Thanks to Snoo Tea this entry was made from my personal laptop (Tinkerbell) with its new hard drive!! The story involved:

Discovery – Snew Tea took out the new hard drive, looked at it put it back in & looked at the BIOS. It didn’t see the drive. Took it out again to read the information on the drive, put it back in and the BIOS saw it! Quickly we inserted the Windows XP SP1 OS restore disc supplied with the computer. It started installing!!!! I was able to log-on. Hooray!

Diagnosis – the drive wasn’t held in close-enough contact with the machine connectors by the Laptop casing. So we put some buffering material in place (bubble-wrap) to hold the drive in contact with the connectors and fastened up the casing.

Download and Installed

  • Driver recovery package (CD came with the computer)
  • Phonecall to activate XP SP1
  • critical OS updates
  • XP SP2
  • antivirus
  • anti-spyware
  • anti-malicious-software
  • Camera drivers (Canon Website)
  • Office 2003 (and activated it)
  • Office critical updates
  • MSN Messenger 7.5
  • photographs from my camera to my network drive

Tinkerbell is back to full health

Wendy full-happy-service-resumed

Failed Geek IV: None-Geeks’ revenge
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