Dating thermostat

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Some temperature guides for a selection of tested and imagined ‘first dates’.    
Hot (Wendy needs post-date Tea to resume normal service afterwards):
  • Digging-up Anglo-Saxon graves.   Getting hot and sweaty down in the dirt,   researching people’s lives through their deaths and artifacts.   Hey that skull was placed on the skeleton’s feet!   Evidently this was common pre-christian practice to stop the ‘dead’ from coming back to life and walking away.    Not sure if someone’s dead?   Then decapitate them.    That removes uncertainty!   I DID this date and  I’ve  been digging-up skinny old bodies ever since….
  • High-diving.   oOOoOOoo! Wet,   adrenaline rush, challenge, skill and the obvious visual attractions.   There’s even time for Tea between dives.
  • Small dinghy sailing (Lasers,  Hoby-cats  and the like).   I do luurrve wriggling into my wet-suit,   holding the jib in a force 3 or more and balancing the boat for speeeeeeeed with a guy who can skipper while wearing his wet-suit with aplomb.   Calm down.    More TEA!
  • Hospital accident and emergency room.   Date demonstrated calm collectedness and caring  responsibility in a high-stress context.    Very appealing to a fall-over artist such as myself.   I’ll  be on-call for  Tea duties to help everyone stay calm.
  • Setting-up Moveable-type blogging software on my home wireless network.   Oh,   I neeeeeeeeeed that…     …I lurrrve a man who gives me what I need….    
  • Clairvoyant.    A novel way to work out whether we should have a second date.    Ask clairvoyant for a short and long term forcast.
  • Roller-coaster rides.   B-b-B-b-B-b-Bouncing!   Need to keep the thermosflask of Tea lid tightly screwed to avoid it flying up your substantial nose.
  • Gardening.   Hands and knees in the mud,   communing with nature.   Hmmmm… …natural appeal and a shower requirement…  
  • Beer Festival: Close to this girl’s heart,   flavours,   people to meet and listen to, a relaxed atmosphere and a personal interest.
  • Interactive Show:   I’m thinking of Theatro Zinzani.   Sensual,   engaging, an opportunity to dress-up and feel special, an opportunity to join in and much to talk about.
  • Tom Waits concert.   Spluuuuuusssssshhhhh…  …OH OH!…   was that good for you?    It was AMAZING for me.   I feel all dizzy.   Careful, high-fall-over risk zone (Tea wont help here).



  • BonfireNight.   5th November. Warm UK memories <Sigh>
  • ThanksGiving Dinner.   All those fabulous family members and wierdy special guests of all ages, shapes,  and fortune.   Love the generosity and the group dynamics.  
  • Wedding: think 4 weddings and a funeral,   these events are so special.    To be invited to share in someone’s special day is an exceptional wonderful gift.   Oh,   crumbs, I’m ‘gushing’.
  • Kite flying over lake union  from Gasworks park…..


Tepid (Safe, acceptable, polite effort):
  • Cycle-ride to a local brewery.    I like working-up a sweat  & downing a beer.   No need for Tea if the other brew’s on tap.
  • Restaurant dinner.   Certainly reveals if the date is ‘conversationally challenged’.   US restaurants may present their Tea in a visually pleasing fashion but they haven’t mastered the necessary brewing skills.
  • Mariners game.   I might get to see some passion along with the conversation.   No risk of spilling any  Tea from the thermosflask.  
  • Meet the parents.   See what he might turn-out to be like in 20 years time…  …without asking the Clairvoyant.
  • Day-trip  with fabulous views.   Pleasing the visual senses,   taking in nature.   In the Northwest this is an ‘easy’ option because there is just SO much.
  • Shopping-by-proxy.   Where the date absolutely has a deadline on purchasing something (home, bed, wedding-outfit, pet, major household appliance  etc).   Date should beg,   and I mean BEG, me to come along and give my EXPERT opinion.   Date must be prepared to LISTEN and act on that  expert opinion.
Cold (Wendy has a somnabulistic spasm. Oxymoron?):
  • Coffee in Starbucks.   Extremely poor Tea options.
  • Walk around a suburb.   For example, Greenlake park.   Careful,   I might get over-excited…   …Uh,   I don’t think so!
  • Mountain hike.    Leave cellular-service range with a  potential wacko for company?????   Give me credit,   I’m not COMPLETELY bonkers.

Any good-bad date stories YOU (it’s not all about me) would like to anonymously share?  


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Dating thermostat
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