lucid dream #1


In the dream lucidity hit me when I realised that:

I was sat in the bleechers of an Amercan Football game with a group of friends in  the DAMN cold, with cloudy skys and poor view of the game.

What?!   Outrageous,   why on earth would I want to be outside in the cold unable to see the boys on the field?    Lets get this dream on track!  

I persuaded my friends to go in search of a warm drink (probably Tea) as we moved through the crowd there was a speedy, spectacular  sunset,   the temperature rose,   the wind stopped,   the crowd stood up and started dancing and drinking beer.  

The best bit was that the changes took on their own momentum.      Unexpectedly:  

the football team turned up on a stage right in front of us.   They weren’t a football team at all.   Close up I could see  they were actually  ‘Martin Stephenson and the Daintee’s” all wearing Zorro outfits and singing “Candle in the middle

OUTSTANDING Result!   The song sent me back to relaxed deep sleep

W sleep-singing

lucid dream #1
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