Do it for ME!

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<BORING entry warning>

I want a usable blog,   and I want it,  NOW!   Hah,   I’m still on planet fairy-tale,   but I’m coming down to earth FAST.



A quick read of the ‘MoveableType’ instructions revealed that they are very complex and very clearly written.   To set-up a blog I need a ‘Web Server’.   MoveableType let me know that broadband Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) normally include Web Server facilities in the subscription.   Yes Yes Yes!   Other requirements included something about being able install software on the Web Server,   something to do with ‘Perle’.


My ISP provide 20MB of web storage and a web-page (not blog) development UI.    They recommended that I purchase a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) package to support moving files between my computer and the Web server.   They provided one specific recommendation that I would have to purchase.   Hmmmmm      No mention of the ability to install software (MoveableType,   Perle).

Are you bored yet?

Shheesh, I was!

Everything I checked out raised more questions.   Are there free FTP thingys, how do I choose between FTP thingys, etc  . All potential thingys that would make setting-up a ‘good’ blog painful and drawn-out.    What are the pro’s and cons of using  web-server service that is NOT my ISP?   I dont want to learn about how to set-up a  useable (by me and YOU)  blog.  

 I just want it DONE.

Next step – look into Blog creation and delivery services,   how much to pay for someone who already has this knowledge and skills to do the whole thing for me,   then tell me the advantages and disadvantages of different decisions.   YEA!

Guess what I’m doing tonight?  

Drinking Tea and beer


Wendy avoiding-learning-techy-skills-that-wont-get-re-use

Do it for ME!
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