Edward R Murrow

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Good night and Good luck” is an outstanding film.   It draws on  events in  March and April 1954,   the CBS TV News business,   the power of the media to influence, Senator McCarthy, the rights of the individual within the US political system,  the use of fear as a manipulative tool,    and  the central heroic  character of  Edward R Murrow.      

The film is excellent on multiple levels.   For example:

  • Storyline,  script, direction.   The writer (director and co-star), Clooney, makes the film ‘feel’ topical without wasting time detailing analogies for the audience.   Carefully placed humour that moderates without breaking  the  tense moments,    for example,  early TV advertisements,   an interview with Liberace.
  • Acting: while I recognised the faces of key actors their previous ‘roles’ weren’t spontaneously interrupting the experience and setting my expectations for their character ‘type’.   They were so convincing.  
  • Sound.   Poweful use of ‘silence’ and ‘soft’ sounds like clearly being able to hear the burning pattern of a cigarette in a tense moment as the smoker inhaled.     ….ssssSSSZZZZZZZSSSsssss……
  • Camera work.    Visual construction of scenes.   Very stylistic and contributing rather than distracting from the storyline.  



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Edward R Murrow
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