Dabblings since 1986

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This list is being used to constrain the contents of  an email to the Barcelonean WhitePrince.     Since 1986 I’ve dabbled in  the following overlapping event-categories:
  • giving birth (0)
  • getting married (0)
  • sprouting  a pair of home-grown boobs (1)
  • living  5+years with toy-boy (2)
  • falling in luuuuurrrrrffffff (3)
  • breaking-bone falls (4)
  • moving cities (4)
  • moving jobs (5)
  • criminally insensitive (700+)*  

* for brevity and self-promotional reasons this category  will be  excluded from the email.  
Realistically depressing  events like ‘dying‘ and ‘surgery’  are not included because,   for an email,  they’re  



Wendy reducing-emotional-events-to-countable-categories

Dabblings since 1986
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