back handed compliment


is the title of this painting. Photographs showing paint coats attached below. The composition was inspired by a lover declaring how deeply he enjoyed watching my back as I walked away from him. This throws a whole new light on the phrase

glad to see the back of you’.

What do you think? Like it?

Should I give it to the ‘ex-lover’ for ‘ex-mass’ or hang it in the



front room

workplace office

back of the wardrobe


For painting I’ve learned that

  • I need lessons – I can’t work out how to ‘blend’ effectively, produce ‘smooth’ colour changes. Poor paint management.
  • skin tones are difficult to mix. Poor paint management.
  • details take more patience. Decisions like ‘oh that will do, its good enough’ are winning over planning and care in application.
  • My hand is woBbly WobBLy, wOBblY on colour boundaries even when resting my hand against a prop. Too much cheese, tea, beer and bouncing.

I’m going to use smaller canvas(‘s) to develop paint management skills while making Chrismas pressies!

W renaissance-womb’n-making-merry-mass-pressies

back handed compliment
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