Brie = consistently producing forgettable dreams

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Eating phase (cheese supper):

All 6/6 nights consistently produced looooooooong, dull, dream sequences.   Dream content was forgotten quickly.   I did manage to remember scenes of ‘packing’ and work related problem solving.   Yawn.   With one disturbing exception the dreams were soooooooo dull they sent me straight back to deep sleep!   The exception on the 3rd night suddenly woke me from a dream of my death (Saber plunged into my heart).

Unlike the British cheeseboard study participants, I would not summarise the dreams as either ‘Nice’ or ‘Cryptic’.

Decontamination phase (no cheese supper):

1 night.  No awareness of any dreams.  


For me,   Brie produces dull, forgettable, dreams.  

Not recommended.

This week I’ll be eating  a cheese  with a very promising, US relevant,  name: Philadelphia, ‘brotherly love’

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Brie = consistently producing forgettable dreams
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