Ping isn’t the same as finger


I used to finger people on UNIX in the 1980’s.   Now I PING computers.   Sigh.  
Packet Inter-Network Groper "acronym  was contrived to match the submariners’ term for the sound of a returned sonar pulse."   Wikipedia outlines complex nuances  of PING  outside the software community.
"named for the act of pointing.  " was a program to "to solve the need of users who wanted information on other users… … to check the availability of a person"  
Ping  and finger both served an "are you there?" role for me.
As far as I know, Jeep, the car name,  has nothing to do with pinging or fingering:
GP "The origin of the term "jeep" is somewhat of a mystery.
Popular notion has it that the vehicle designation "GP" (for "General Purpose") was phonetically slurred in pronunciation, eventually becoming "jeep
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Ping isn’t the same as finger
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