Cream Cheese = ‘Normal’ dreams

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Third report of my cheese-dream intestigation.  

Eating phase (Cream cheese supper):

3/6 nights produced dreams.   Nothing vivid, lucid, outrageous.   Nothing  where the content is even worth reporting or ‘unpubishable-ing’.

3/6 nights.   No dreams.   Pah!

WonderWoman had a similar experience with ‘Laughing Cow’ cream cheese:

Despite slavering Laughing cow onto several begals, I have no dreams to report whatsoever. <unpublishable caveat>”

Decontamination phase (no cream cheese supper):   1 night. 1 forgettable dream.



Rather like not eating a cheese supper at all. Pah!

Recommended for the unadventuous.   I’m beginning to suspect that soft cheeses are just not dream-tastic.


This week I’ll be eating Edam.

The WhitePrince, who is experimenting with coloured emails,  reported yesterday that after eating Edam:

I dreamt we were in your kitchen, each making his or her own breakfast and talking about <unpublishable>. You filled your French-style coffee bowl with frothy hot milk and I  ate my weetabix  from a large white cutlery tray. You were displeased when I accidently put sugar on top of your frothy milk.

Cream Cheese = ‘Normal’ dreams
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