Edam = dream suppressant

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Fourth report in my ongoing cheese investigations.  

Eating pase (Edam cheese supper):

5/5 nights produced no awareness of dreams.  

Half way through the week I skipped the supper  and that night had an Outstanding,   unpublishable, dream.

Decontamination phase (no Edam supper):

1 Vivid,   long, extremely enjoyable dream about  living in  a Victorian red-brick townhouse with many colourful guests and secret passage-ways under carpets &  behind furniture.   Wonderful textures and details.

I ate seafood on the two nights that I didn’t eat Edam  and did dream.   I don’t normally eat seafood.


Edam is a dream supressant.

Seafood may be a dream stimulant.

This week I’ll be eating mostly mini Babybel.

Edam = dream suppressant
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