Gouda with Cumin seed dream

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A  special guest entry written, edited  and coloured by language specialist Eyan (aka WhitePrince):

Now time to tell you my Gouda with Cumin seed dream before I go to bed:

It starts off with a Japanese boy being interviewed in a tv programme about a plane crash he was involved in. For the sake of clarity I think the Japanese boy is the author’s alter ego. He couldn’t be much further removed from the author’s ethnic profile, but there you go. As the interview progressed, images from the plane crash were shown, which, of course, then became a reality, or a dream reality let’s say. The Japanese boy was pinned to the back of his seat terrified as the plane was losing height very quickly. He was aware he was about to die. At this point the author chose to terminate the performance as he knows plane crashes are rather distasteful. He woke up breathless, but this was probably more due to dust mite allergy than anything   else.

From a scientific point of view – to what extent did the cheese have an effect on the subjects dreams ?

Things to be taken into consideration –

a – The subject is a regular air traveller. He has experienced some very intricate flying manoeuvres, especially in Iberia planes over the sea whilst coming in to land at Barcelona airport. Some pilots should understand that planes do not make u-turns like  a stolen car would do when driven by tearaway  teenagers.

b – He is a fan of Johan Grimonprez’s “Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y http://www.medienkunstnetz.de/works/dial-history/, a art video film mainly about hijackings. He has seen it again twice recently at the Caixa Forum art centre http://portal1.lacaixa.es/Channel/Ch_Redirect_Tx?dest=1-38-00-00000. In the film there are interviews with hijack hostages. There are also Japanese in the film, both hostages and Red Army hijackers. For American sensibilities this is probably not a recommended film.

c- He suffers from allergies and asthma, so any dreams involving frightening, breath-taking  situations may be attributable  to this.

Hope you enjoyed the show. Thank you and goodnight.

Eyan wisely outlines a clear impact of waking life events and interests in dreams.   Waking life events have lead to my own investigations this week going awry heavily due to more

  • fish-eating
  • cheescake eating
  • varied cheese  intake.   (Roquefort bread, Brie, Cream cheese, Edam BabyBel).   Yummy!
  • Abnormal alocohol consumption (mulled wine,   mud slides etc)


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Gouda with Cumin seed dream
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