Wet Wild Wendy Weather

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Summary impression of the Oregon coast from a British perspective, think of…

  • BIG Cornwall with stone cottages replaced by wooden homes.
  • Virtually no cell-phone coverage. NO TEXTING
  • Big trees. Approximately 3x as tall as anything in the UK as standard issue.
  • BIG waves. No surfers due to killer-Trees! Literally big-tree sized logs rolling in the surf.
  • Logging. Lots of articulated lorries hauling deliberately felled killer trees inland. This IS Lumberjack country. Sing with me “I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK….”  
  • The normal US stuff – wide roads with poor foundations and surfaces – uneven, prone to flooding, lots of cracks, holes, repairs and those big cars they call SUVs
  • The same strange bars and cafe’s with inexplicable 1970’s decor, including fake flowers, run by locals with strange hair-styles. It felt like walking into a US centric episode of ‘The League of Gentlemen’

The two photographs below were taken within 2 minutes of each other from the same position. I just turned my body and aligned the camera…

The December Oregon sky is as dramatic as the geography.


To align with one British cultural sterotype here’s a wee bit about the weather:

  • Nightly heavy rain. Rain-drops, wearing classic Doc Martens, pogo-ing on the cabin roof. I had to sing REALLY loud to make myself heard.
  • River floods seeped onto SR101.
  • Mystically foggy mornings. Arthurian Avalon style. The fog rolled from the hills out across to the sea likea dragons breath surrounding Tintagel.
  • Vibrantly sunny afternoons with clear skys.

Wendy wet-not-weally-wild

Wet Wild Wendy Weather
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