Happy New Year. An(nu)al review


Thisyear’s highs were perfectly sized, superbly-slippy, synchronously timed, tantalisingly touched, tasty and earth-movingly YEAAARRSSSSssss  GOOOoood….   I  lurrrrve them,   want to internationally patent them. Again PLEASE.
The lows were menstruatingly, face-in-a-guano-filled-muddy-puddle, rape-seed-pollen-soaked-worm up your nostril, posionous tree-frog down your throat, pukingly SHITE, SHITE, SHITE. I hate them,  want to bury them honey-covered in a fire-ants nest.   OUCH, OUCH, no more PLEASE.
Not  a ‘typical’ year.  
Roller Coaster.
#1 fixthegoddamspacebaronthiscomputerbeforeIdevelopRSI.
#2 learn somemore colourful insults toavoid slipping into mediocre-insult-skills.
#3 arrangemore sleepoverpyjammatypethangs
#4 more patentable highs
#5 atleast 5more unpublishable resolutions in fermentation
gott nytt år


Happy New Year. An(nu)al review
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