Kitty pastiche

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Eyan’s kitty-stories,   to be taken daily with a large mug of tea for  a sense of proportion….    

Cats are watching tv.Cat tv emits a warm, orangereddy light and it is viewed as closely as possible. “

Woke with my ususal splutter.   Cats took this as a cue for an early morning feeding. We tried mutual underblanket comforting for an hour,   but it didn’t work. Couldn’t get back to sleep.  They had a five am feeding instead.

Was gang-busted by intruders the other night. They persistently banged against my bedroom door until I let them in. They then forced me to share my bed with them. One was small, light-footed and purred quite a lot. The other was rather heavy and leaden-like on   your legs.

Any idea where my cats stand on the Wendy bounce scale ? There was serious activity this morning, especially after my “trance” alarm went off.”


“This morning’s  bouncing activity involved pushing open the door which was ajar, walking round the bed with heavy footage, climbing along the pillow and sniffing hair, investigating a device on the floor which lit up and emitted sounds equivalent to a small discotheque playing illicit-substance-influenced sounds and general hyperactive mayhem (because we are HUNGRY)”



Kitty pastiche
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