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I accidentally left my laptop, Tinkerbell,  turned-on while I went to work today.   Some pesky program didn’t ‘end’ after I’d boinged the ‘Shutdown’ button and confirmed YES it is shutdown that I want to do….     then left Tinkerbell assuming  she would actually SHUTDOWN.  

Silly me!  

Tonight I found the yellow plastic on the end of my power-cable had MELTED into Tinkerbell’s socket and her battery completely drained. I had to use

  • FORCE to pull the cable from  Tinkerbell.  
  • a KNIFE to scrape the  burnt melted plastic from the connector.  

Now Tinkerbell is happily cool and battery charging.   That one pesky program could have cost-me a Tinkerbell replacement if the melted connection hadn’t worked with a little jiggery-pokery.   I loath pesky programs.   Grrrrr……

ZAP pesky programs DEAD

W got-muscles-and-knives-out-with-ZAP-attitude-tonight-BEWARE!

Hot Stuff!
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