Finger print process improvements

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The Tukwilla department of homeland security finger-printing process has improved since January 05:

  • a flat rate fee for parking.    You no longer have to pay more when they make you wait longer.   You have to  pay on entry.   They are more certain of getting money for their service.

Wendy:   Like your flat rate fees!

Black US car park attendant:  Lovely Jubberly!

Wendy:   (Laughter,   strange to hear a London phrase made popular in the UK cult classic comedy ‘only fools and horses’ from a US blue-collar worker)

  • Ticket numbers and seating instead of stand-up line for 4 hours.   Albeit three tickets and three lines,   one after the other,  for unclear reasons.
  • Only 3 hours, not 4,  from entering the building to leaving with about 15 minutes actually being finger-printed.
  • usability software updates to the fingerprint capture software.   Now the operator can
    • capture the fingerprints with a ‘foot-pedal’,   this enables them to use both hands to make sure your finger is in the right place.
    • get immediate feedback on whether the captured finger-print passes the quality bar.

W proved-finger-prints-are-the-same-as-last-2-visits

Finger print process improvements
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