virtual and real merge

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Meeting real people as a by-product of blogging!  

Jenn and LaCroix blog on our evening out with regular ‘commenters’ Drew and Mr.Fancypants:

  • Piehole
  • Ordinary: tales of a librarian

I’ve met more, more like-able, people through blogging than through subscribing to an internet dating service. Who would have guessed that it seems more ‘natural’?!  

The ’70s dive bar music was outstanding.   The beer was sadly all bottled and lager oriented.



virtual and real merge
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2 bits of lovely banter on “virtual and real merge”

  1. Drew writes:

    But Mike lives in OR and I’m already sorta (meaning it’s all too new to know whether or not it will last) seeing someone. Doesn’t help with the dating pool much, does it? Then again, I know some single guys who aren’t scary . . . Hmm. You may have a point.

    I’m starting to consider blogging myself. Although I hate to use this term, it seems to be a great way to do “social networking”. It filters for only the people interested in something similar enough to what you like that all the chaff is removed.



  2. Mr. Fancypants writes:

    May have to be part of the fact that dating site people tend to be what you want them to be online, whereas loyal readers are just themselves. Eh, dunno.

    It certainly was fun meeting fun new people. I agree that the beer selection was highly lacking. Fortunately the people made up for it.



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