peat fire, scotts pine and burned rubber

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Cummings, the  fragrance  official site. The photographic pun’s on traditional perfume marketing images are worth a look.  The whole site is both professional and gently tongue in cheek.   These qualities have  left me wanting  to try this smell.

Excerpts from Cummings, the fragrance site

With a name like mine it was made to be sprayed all over people’s body’s, what do you think?” A Cummings

an assertively masculine combination of bergamot, whiskey, cigar, leather, highland mud, and… condom.”    (Allure)

Mild. Nice. Not obtrusive” (Martha Stewart)

peat fire, scotts pine and burned rubber
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one wonderful muse on “peat fire, scotts pine and burned rubber”

  1. Drew writes:

    Hmm. Cummings perfume. This inspired me to Goo^H^H^Hdo a web search for ee cummings poems about perfume. I didn’t see anything specifically about perfume per se, but here’s a winner:

    “kitty”. sixteen, 5′ 11″, white, prostitute.

    Relevant passage:

    the signal perfume of whose unrepute
    focusses in the sweet slow animal
    bottomless eyes importantly banal,

    You can find the rest if you search for the title. Enjoy!

    (And if that couldn’t sell perfume to USians I don’t know what wouldn’t.)



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