Key Bored #2

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A temporary solution to Tinkerbell’s dodgy keyboard ($19.99) is a small USB keyboard.   Matrix check’s it out over a cup of tea:

 Tinkerbell, keyboard, cat and tea

Before purchasing the keyboard I interviewed the Fry’s sales-staff about purchasing a replacement laptop.   This is what he told me:

  • The new Microsoft operating system is due out in this spring (any time now)
  • The new operating system will only really work on ’64 bit’ (what’s that?) computers so it wont be available on laptops until they standardly produce 64 bit laptops (at least another year away).
  • Advised me to buy an XP pro Fugitsu laptop ($1,599 before tax).

I checked in  with some people who work at Microsoft.   I think they said  that ‘Windows Vista’ (next Microsoft Operating System) will work on ’32 bit’ machines (errr Laptops?) and will not be in stores until after August.     Hmmmmm….    

I’ve decided to try to hold-out until September before I try and replace Tinkerbell.   The money for a temporary external keyboard seemed worth it so that I can see if their new operating system is in stores on ’32 bit’ Laptops by then….


Key Bored #2
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  1. Kate writes:

    I use a 64 bit laptop. They are available now. Though my operating system is only 32 bit.



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