key bored

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At home:

Tinkerbell’s d and t keys have joined her spaced-out space-bar in  unpredictable land.   Aaaaarghhh.   My choices are

  • RSI  (free)
  • replace fitted keyboard ($30 + my skrewdriver labour)
  • add wireless keyboard ($30 no screwdriver labour)
  • use work laptop  (free)
  • buy pretty new laptop (expensive,   I am worth it ;-))
  • Ask Anne to get whizzy with her keyboard-fixing skills on Tinkerbell


At work:

him: “Wendy its an emergency I need a laptop 15 minutes ago, can I borrow yours?”

Wendy: “Urrrgghhh,   yes, give me 10 minutes to log-off.   This old crate is S L O W” (moves to use a Desktop.   Desktop?  –   big screen, big keyboard,   huge heavy towery thing, not so easy to run with as a laptop)

15 minutes later,   sweat pouring from his brow:

Him:   “I can’t log-in

Wendy: “Oh yeah,   I fogot to mention the shift-keys don’t work.   Fatally wounded by some Tea.   Yeah.   On both sides.   Just the shift keys.   Tea has amazing shift-key-targeting ability.  Earl Gray you know.   Don’t trust it near your Laptop.   Better to drink it.  Use Caps-Lock instead of shift.   Tea doesn’t target caps-lock”   (I realized several utterances ago that he was too flustered to listen to my ramblings.    I do enjoy torturing the locals, and you,  with trivia.

Him: “that worked”  (demonstrates running with  laptop)    

Wendy “remember to boot it  about 15 minutes  before you need to use it,    it’s S-L-O-W” (shouted down the corridor)

key bored
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one wonderful muse on “key bored”

  1. Anne writes:

    Mmm, lucky for me, the space bar damage was because the wire bit unhooked. Once you spill tea or soda in there, you’re kinda done.



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