Jamie Cullum. First night of US tour

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Summary:   highly recommended because Jamie is a very talented all round entertainer.   Thoroughly enjoyable.   The music was more fun than album reproduction precision,   my favourite trade-off!

They played at the beautiful old  Moore Theatre in Seattle.   Jen and Roth managed to find me in the open seating of ‘the Gods’ despite the dim lighting and my cunning disguise of Ray Ban wrap-around reflective tinted sunglasses!

Moore Stage Before the Matt Herz

The back-up dude, Matt Wertz,  was a loner from Tennessee with an acoustic guitar.   He  perked us up with passionate,   humerous,     ‘folksy’ rock songs and a singalong.   He was a good  compliment and lead-in to  the main band.  

Some things seemed very consistent with this being the first night of a tour,   for example:

  • Sound system failure – at one point Jamie talked to us for about 5 minutes while the technical crew attempted to fix the set-up.   Failure of technical preparation,   very professional Jamie for pulling-off an obvious improvisation with charm.    
  • Missing band member due to unanticipated US Visa processing delays.
  • Jamie’s patter not fully tailored to US audiences.   He used irony.      When his comment didn’t get a laugh he highlighted this and the normally very responses audience were just silent.   I doubt he’ll do that again!    

Before one  intimate song Jamie  suggested people snuggle up to the person next to them if they were

thinking of “getting Jiggy with it

and were”good to go

I’m definitiely getting acclimated.   I didn’t realise these were Americanisms until Jamie pointed them out.

The real fun came from the musical vibrancy and improvisation.     Jamie is very much a performer as well as a musician.   He played the piano with his hands,   buttocks and feet!   Wonderful dramatic effect.    Had me chortling away!     He kicked-over his stool,   he picked it up again, he  climbed on the Piano and jumped off again.   He played standing-up,   he played sitting down.   He played the piano-frame…       It was FUN.  

The songs?   You could hear the lyrics!   They were beautiful.   At the end of one song the band rolled into “Notting Hill Carnival” style music that was amazingly like the real thing.   It was all good clean fun.   I loved it.

Seating in ‘the gods’ was only $15 (UK about 7 pounds!).   It was very cramped and uncomfortable with an extremely poor veiw.   That seem’s about right for $15!

I did  a Cinderella around 11pm….

LooSea was parked on the street about 8 blocks away opposite the Seattle Greyhound bus station in a seedy part of town.   People were sleeping rough on the sidewalks on this cold spring night.   They put my luxurious evening in perspective.

Jamie Cullum. First night of US tour
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  1. Jen writes:

    Nice review! I’ve been meaning to say SOMETHING on my blog about how wonderful the show was, but I’ve just been so busy, too! I’ll probably just defer to your post, as it summed up everything quite nicely. Lovely!



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