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US people appear to avoid using this word.   When in restaurants they use the phrase  ‘Rest rooms’.   Descriptions of homes for sale may include 1.5 ‘bathrooms’.   The 0.5 bathroom is one without a bath (uh?!) or a shower.   It appears to mean a room with  a sink and a toilet.   Even toilet paper is labeled ‘Bathroom’ tissue.  

Bathroom Tissue

‘toilet humour’ exists in the US.   I’m not sure if it is known or referred to by this category.    


That felt good,   that felt NAUGHTY.   Teee heeee…

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4 bits of lovely banter on “naughty word: TOILET”

  1. Mark writes:

    I’ve noticed that too. I find myself asking where the restroom is now to avoid getting blank stares in restaurants. That said, as a Brit, shouldn’t you be more worried about the lack of use of “WC”, “water closet”, “commode”, … ?



  2. Jen writes:

    I prefer to call it “poop talk.” Or “potty humor.” In case you’re wondering.



  3. Kate writes:

    remember Loo and Lavvy?

    In new Zealand they call it a ‘Bush’:



  4. Jennifer writes:

    Heh. When I was in NZ, I felt DIRTY asking where the toilet was. (I had to quit using the words “bathroom” or “powder room” as they would start prancing around and saying “Oh, the QUEEN would like to use the POWDER ROOM”. Highly annoying those people.)



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