otter bubble trails

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rising after an otter has passedAfter 9 attempts to photograph a pair of delightfully playful otters at Woodland Park Zoo I realised it was impossible, because

  • my finger is slug-slow compared to  an otter
  • otter direction is twisty-unpredictable
  • my 4yr old camera shutter speed is ‘leisurely’

Some of the unintended compositions have unique charms:

I turned-off my camera flash when photographing animals at the Zoo.   Many people didn’t.   There were no signs suggesting camera flashes should be turned off  for the comfort of the animals.

otter bubble trails
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one wonderful muse on “otter bubble trails”

  1. Jen writes:

    What? There were actually animals to photograph? Amazing. You should refer to my post from September about the Woodland Park Zoo. Here it is:

    I’m thinking the problem is not actually your camera, but because there really weren’t any otters swimming around. Just bubbling water pretending to be the whirling dervish of otters. Just a thought.



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