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60  mins:   drive to and from Fed-Ex.   Read Sony’s reassuring ‘we’ll help you when its bad‘ message on the box.   I hope its not a confidence vote in their equipment…

Returns and support information on Darlings box

5  mins:   to unpack the little beauty christened ‘Darling’  from her box of big open spaces.   Easy access packing,   nice work Sony!  

Darling in her box

0 mins:   Read the instructions,  warranties, etc.   I don’t think so! I’ll leave that to Matrix (fluffball).   No 6-pack of CD’s? Tinkerbell came with CD’s for  Windows, AOL, System Recovery, Antivirus and  5 times the wieght in documentation!

All the documentation that ccame with Darling - actually not that much!

5 mins:   plug everything in,   press the power button and wait to be asked all those IMPORTANT questions.   Wow,   so easy!

10 mins:   Say ‘Yes’ to  WAY  TOO MANY  questions that are important to someone.   Not me.   It’s torture I tell you!    How can anyone seriously expect me to read this stuff?  I am much too excited….     Stop asking me questions and show me the goodies!

700000 mins:   BOOO!     Re-Start!  mania.    EVERYTHING and their  cousins twice-removed  got  ‘out of date’ while Darling waited for me in the Sony storehouse.   You know  dates can be troublesome.    Then there’s my distaste for  that sticky AOL thang.   It’s worth  avoiding sticky-clinginess.  These all told me to restart:  

  1. Windows Update  
  2. Office Update
  3. Norton Antivirus Live Update  
  4. AOL uninstall

Then you have to  smile at the antispyware program that proudly announces it doesn’t require a reboot to get updated.   Well done antispyware program 🙂

After much booting and geeking around Darling made the pinkier first step into the land of creative accessorizing, oh YES….

Darling and her travel case  

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2 bits of lovely banter on “Start!”

  1. lacroix writes:

    Eek! I love it! PINK! And I love the bag. PURPLE! **distracts Wendy while I nab the cutest laptop EVAR**



  2. Fizzz writes:

    Cute combo!



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