Obiturary: Tinkerbell

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Tinkerbell (HP Compaq nx9010) exceeded expectations.   Originally purchased as a ‘cheap’ functional laptop to enable exchange-student lovely, Swedish Frida, study and instant message from anywhere in The Wendy House.   Neither  were intended to last more than one year.   Rent a teenager,   buy a laptop.  

First power-up by Frida.   Connected to the internet with a new Microsoft wireless base station. (17 Aug. 2003)

Blaster worm  victim,  rescued by Mark and Fizzz  for the bargain price of a curry. (Aug. 2003)

New external wireless card.   Her internal wireless was Frida-irritatingly flakey. Irritating Frida is a very risky and dangerous passtime.   (Sept. 2003)

Bonding with Frida.  They regularly slept together (2003-2004).

Frida ceases torturing us by returning to Stockholm and leaves Tinkerbell with me. Tinkerbell becomes my main digital photograph store (Jul. 2004)

I bonded with Tinkerbell by  blogging on MSN Spaces (Feb 2005 thru Feb 2006)

Grinding noises  spook me.  I purchase a Network drive and use it to back-up Tinkerbell’s contents. (Aug. 2005)

Tinkerbell tours the UK.  I store my  travel photographs on  flick-r.  After several blue screen’s her hard drive ‘dies’. (Sept. 2005)

New hard drive. Installation was not easy.   Mark solved  the problem with  a bit of expert serendiptious trouble shooting  (Oct. 2005).  

Replaced Tinkerbell’s original Microsoft wireless base station with LinkSys wireless base station. (Nov.  2005)

Power-supply cable melts into Tinkerbell’s casing. (Jan. 2005)

Purchased a USB keyboard to augment Tinkerbell’s dodgy keyboard. (Feb. 2006)

Keyboard connection flakiness,   power-connection flakiness,  USB connections flakiness,   display reliability and recent bluescreens suggest that euthenasia is the best choice for Tinkerbell. (Mar. 2006)

Tinkerbell will be  dismantled to satisfy my curiosity and for parts. (Apr. 2006)

Tinkerbell pre-dismantling

Tinkerbell resting in pieces (RIP)

Obiturary: Tinkerbell
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3 bits of lovely banter on “Obiturary: Tinkerbell”

  1. lacroix writes:

    If the hard drive is still good, pick up an enclosure case and make yourself an external, portable hard drive / storage. I currently have two (and two dead laptops…hmm…is this an indication of something?). 🙂



  2. Fizzz writes:

    She was a good friend; we’ll miss her.

    Check if the RAM can be reused elsewhere.



  3. joe mc cool writes:

    Please how to you get the nx9010 dismantled ?





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