The Lucky Slevin

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The film is ok ūüėź

A well produced and acted, fast paced, thriller with one professionally executed theme. The cast quality held the film together. ¬† It’s a good film for people who want to walk in and out ¬†without having felt challenged or provoked to think. ¬† Just take a ride.

The theme I noticed:

  • Revenge. ¬† several different revenge plots. ¬† I guessed many plot ‘twists’ before they were explicitly revealed. ¬† This was due to a very streamlined ¬†script but it dampened the film’s impact as a thriller because ¬†it felt predictable despite some very novel scenes. ¬† The story structure is good quality but not innovative.

Other notable points

  • The opening credits were impressive because of the graphic effects and ¬†their ¬†relevance to the plot. ¬† You are taken straight into the movie while the credits are delivered. ¬†
  • Morgan Freeman’s velvet voice. ¬† Isn’t it always? ¬†
  • Ben Kingsly as an American Rabbi. Riveting performance. ¬† My main motivation for seeing the film was ¬†experiencing Ben Kingsly act with Morgan Freeman. ¬† There is one scene that contains both actors.
  • Lucy Liu is not playing a vamp. ¬†A pleasant suprise. ¬† Very adorable character, ¬† intellegent and cute without being a clutz. ¬† The sugar collection scenes that establish her character provided a film highlight. ¬† A credit to the scene scripting, ¬† acting and direction.
  • Bruce Willis is ¬†not stretched by his role. ¬† He had much more room to demonstrate his talent in 12 Monkeys, Sixth sense, Die Hard ¬†or even Pulp Fiction.
  • Lack of character development. ¬† None that I noticed. ¬† The boy and the girl fell in love. ¬† Some people ¬†discovered stuff they didn’t already know. ¬†Some people died. ¬† That’s not really character development.


The Lucky Slevin
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one wonderful muse on “The Lucky Slevin”

  1. Jen writes:

    You know, I actually enjoyed Lucky Number Slevin WAAAYYY more than V for Vendetta. Albeit, very different films, but LNS was sleeker, more stylish, AND had a sense of humor, to boot. THAT is extremely important to me, being able to laugh out loud in the theater. Sumthin’ about Josh Hartnett in a towel for the first third of the movie got me to chuckle quite a little bit.



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