tumble or hang?


Normally I’m all for a tumble 😉

My condominium has regulations that disallow hanging clothes outdoors to dry.   Ashame.   I rarely, if ever, see laundry hanging outside in the USA.   I saw laundry cheerfully decorating homes in Costa Rica

Costa Rica home

Clothes dried in an open breeze smell and feel so good.   Good memories.   I persist in using a method that doesn’t rely on generating electricity.   I hang my clothes where they risk catching direct sunlight  and  breeze from a window.    Even here in the infamously rainy NW USA it is easy to dry clothes without a tumble-dryer.      

clothes hanging on an indoor dryer

Hang them!

tumble or hang?
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3 bits of lovely banter on “tumble or hang?”

  1. Anne writes:

    I think it’s just the Pac NW that doesn’t dry their clothes outside (probably because it rains so much). Everyone I knew, growing up, dried their clothes outside.

    I hate it, the feeling of line-dried towels and jeans is just awful. And my grandmother had a bad habit of washing my clothes behind my back (I hate others doing my laundry for me) and using clothespins hang them…making little peaks on the shoulders of my shirts.



  2. Mr. Fancypants writes:

    I love the feel of a freshly line dried towel. So scratchy.



  3. Kate writes:

    Yeah – ‘soft’ clothes is definitiely a priority over environment friendliness. You’re in America now girl, get with the ‘me first’ and ‘I’m worth it’ attitude.  Sod any tokens to eco-friendliness,  however trivial. 



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