chilling injury

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The question from the man with the essential questions ‘what does ¬†chilling injury ¬†mean’? ¬†

  1. putting a bag of birdseye frozen peas on damaged muscle?
  2. a wound that sends shivers up your spine because its sooooo icky?
  3. other?


chilling injury
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  1. :: Wendy :: writes:

    Eyan replies to his question (and I post it in his name – this is surreal):

    chilling injury is something which happens to you at a late night drinking spot or quiet area in a dancing emporium after taking illegal stimulants and falling off a bean cushion.


    Chilling injury occurs at 0-10 degrees Celsius in plants, fruits and vegetables. Symptoms include wilting, water soaking, necrosis (death), chlorosis (yellowing), ion leakage, and decreased growth.



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