vicious scattiness spiral

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The spiral:

  • losing things is distressing.
  • distress induces scattiness.
  • scattiness promotes losing things.
  • losing things….(ad infinitum)

The onset of Wendy-(ex)-centric  scattiness is predicable.   Keys will use my scattiness to make a bid for freedom.   I can normally track them down after 15 minutes of focused crime scene recreation.   Some items,   things rarely used are more cunning.   Today was a day when a cunning item successfully escaped.

After 8hrs of searching every (list warning):

  • pocket (suitcase,  bag and coat),
  • book (removed from shelf and shaken),
  • CD rack (all CDs removed, dusted then replaced),
  • drawer (empied, contents shaken, stirred and neatly replaced)
  • furniture (under the bead, the sofa crevice, behind shelves)

I’ve decided to let scattiness win.   This time.   Costing me some ‘replacement’ dollars and worse than that the time to complete at least four official forms and report the loss to at least 3 government agencies.   Poooeeey,   must kick this cycle soon.   Given alcohol’s known impact on memory beer could give my keys a good opportunity to make a run for it,    not a good idea….

vicious scattiness spiral
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