Mountain Goats @ Nuemos

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Extremely good value  :-)   :-)   :-)   :-)

3 chirpy performances in Nuemos  for $9:  

A very pregnant black gal,   Kimya Dawsons,   sang difficult to hear lyrics in a ‘peepy’ cute sounding high pitched voice while deftly managing to play guitar around her pudding bump and commeting that her lungs were currently squished up a bit.   I caught a few worthy lyrics… “It’s like farting in the bath”.    When not performing Kwimi, unpretentiously,  sat at the merchandising Tressle table.   One of her Albums ($10) was called.   “Hidden Vagenda“.   I nearly bought it for the title alone.  

Skinny, white, German Barabara Morgenstern bounced around the stage while reaching to play her electronic keyboards.   The perky high energy gal provided a stark contrast to Kimya’s performance.   Her music reminded me of the 1970’s exploration of keyboard possibilities.   It felt like a ‘retro’ sound,   yet fresh and cheerful.   I couldn’t understand any of the German lyrics.  

The Mountain Goats,   2 boys 1 base guitar, one acoustic.  The set was mainly from Sunset tree,   new songs and some from ‘Tape number 2″.    Quality delivery,   John Darnielle is witty and personable,   punctuated with short stories about Darnielle’s favourite  Boxer ‘Pinkerton’ and details about song inspirations. Before seeing them perform I thought,   this guy is messed up,   if he ever gets sorted it will ruin his musical talent.   After seeing them it was clear that his talent stems more from astute observation that ‘messed-up-ness’.   Thoroughly enjoyable.

Mountain Goats @ Nuemos
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