stranger hugging

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Wendy:   hug?

Blonde in car:   (smiles and blushes)

Wendy: leant into the driver-side car window and wrapped my left arm around her ‘thankyou so much’

I had just finnished driving 100 miles along Blue Ridge Parkway in the Appalachain mountains between Blowing Rock and Asheville.   There are no gas stations on the route or signposted from the route.    

No prizes for guessing what happened to me in my rented car….  

I  discovered that:

  • A Chevy Cobra can go about 40 miles (20 of them coasting downhill) on an ’empty’ fuel tank,   while flashing all sorts of lights at the driver.
  • I  can tolerate an empty tank without panicking for about 20 miles.
  • 0 out of 10 American SUV drivers surveyed carry a spare couple of gallons in a container in their boot ‘just incase’.  
  • the Park Rangers don’t all have either a cell or radio-phone.  
  • people love to help a gal in trouble but aren’t too sharp on varied innovative solution routes.
  • I feel like I need to ask people permission to hug them in the US,   unlike the UK where a good dose of hugging all round happens at the drop of a hat and especially on soccer pitches.

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stranger hugging
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