so as to

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‘so as to’ is a three-sets-of-two-letters-cute phrase carrying two redundant words.   “in order to” is less letter-construction-cute while containing two redundant words.  


In both examples only the word ‘to’ does any real work.      Or am I missing some subtle spin these words  add to a message?    Maybe it makes the person who uses them sound clever.   What do you think?

So as to sound clever I will be using more words than usual and throwing in some new words for good measure.   In order to avoid getting poked in the eye today  I will not be walking within forking distance of Turdface.

so as to
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2 bits of lovely banter on “so as to”

  1. Raymond writes:

    It’s not totally useless. It adds emphasis and occasionally resolves ambiguity. “We skipped dinner to go immediately.” Adding “so as/in order” makes this sentence much easier to parse.



  2. Kate writes:

    its not a good idea to skip dinner. I wouldn’t recommend it. I would recommend ditching the sox so as to enjoy dinner with naked feet.



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