satur(ated expensive)day



  1. It’s firkin HOT
  2. I spent a bundle on a replacement digital camera
  3. Installed IE7.0 Beta 3 on my home laptop and regretted it,   then it worked and I got ditsy happy again.

3 blog entries for the price of one!   (free)

HOT details

As anyone in the US who’s ventured outside today knows, its worse than muggy.   It’s jennifer agitating, dangerously oppressive.   Niether my home nor my old car have those wonderful systems that produce cooled air.   I’ve already had 3 cold showers today and I haven’t even seen or sniffed a cute lad in or out of his khaki cargo pants.   A three shower day without sexing  is way too hot for a northerner like me.  

In search of air conditioning I made a trip to a Mall.  

BUNDLE details

On flick-r I’d placed a couple of the photograph’s that I’m most proud of in a group that rate’s photo quality.   I was really pleased to find that some people would consider framing my pictures on the wall.   Thanks!   One person commented that if the picutre was more crisp it would be a lot better.   My Canon Powershot S330 digital camera is at least 4 years old.   It doesn’t have the resolution and quality of newer cameras.   It has had an exciting life;   its been swimming in moutain rivers in the early hours of the morning;   its bounced off numerus floors around the world;   it’s casing is cracked.   It’s a real trooper because it still works fine.    

The air conditioned Mall had a camera shop.    

I’m really looking forward to my ‘once in a lifetime’ vacation driving the I90 across America.   I will be documenting it with stories and pictures.   My Canon could do the job.   I do like taking pictures and I don’t like taking ‘fuzzy’ pictures which happens  too often.    The result is that I want a new camera.   I spent hours playing with all the camera’s in the camera-shop.   Oooooh   fun.   Then I walked away with this:

New Casio Elexim Digital Camers

can you see the ‘fuzziness’ added by my dear old Canon?   Enjoy it now because it wont be happening again….  future photographs will have HARD LINES.   Wendy gets hard on fuzziness.

How much is a bundle?   Approximately the same price as one of these list items:

  • half a classy sofa
  • two pairs of undiscounted italian designer shoes
  • six  mani & pedi cures
  • ten full tanks of gas

I need another cold shower to calm down after parting with all that cash.

IE7.0 details

I want tabbed browsing and any other fancy features IE7.0 might give me.   I installed it.   Loved the tabbed browsing.   I now have 3 home pages,   Hooray!…. …..But…..

When I navigated to my ftp site to drop the above picture onto my webserver I discovered that I could log-in but I could no longer use drag and drop to move a picture to the server.   30 minutes of trying all sorts and I didn’t manage to use IE7.0 as an ftp client.   CRAP.   My workaround was to use the FTP client provided by the hosting service.   700 clicks and you’re done.   YUCK.   I tried to uninstall IE7.0.   I couldn’t find a way to do this. BOLLOCKS.   I’m angry-MAD.   Grrrrrrr….   …blame the heat….

late update:   IE7.0 works as FTP client now – must just take some ‘time’ before the controls work in liaison with the server.   I’m a happy  bunny now   🙂

satur(ated expensive)day
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