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LaCroix lured me out of the Wendy House for a fabulous American brunch (with coffee) at the Five spot and an afternoon browsing in “Twice sold Tales“.   LUXURY!   In amongst the cats I found this little treasure of a book:

‘England and the English: from an American point of view”   a book by Price Collier first published by Charles Scribners and sons in 1909.    The book is poetically written  in the first person.   During the first chapter Price describes his boat Journey to Britain.  


What will you have for breakfast,  if, alas, you will have any breakfast the first morning out?   Something very light perhaps.   These islanders, you soon find, have little regard for lightness. A light dish of eggs in some form, a light roll, fresh butter, coffee and hot milk? Yes, of a sort, but none of them light. You soon forswear coffee for tea, and ere long the passive bulwark of resistance wearies you into eggs and bacon, and cold meat, and jams, for your first meal of the day. Little things are typical. What you want is not refused you, but what they have and like is gradually forced upon you. Thus they govern their colonies. No raising of voices, no useless and prolonged discussion, no heat generated, no ridicule of your habits, or eulogy of their own, none of these, but just slow moving, unchanging, confident bulk

Who would have guessed that at the turn of the century the English were slow moving, not light, with their passive bulwark of bulkiness!    Price’s passage  implies a humerous irony for me.   Me, (almost) wearied by the confident bulk of Americans into trying sugar laden waffles for breakfast with Coffee instread of Tea…    

Stay riveted to the edge of your seats… ….what will Price write next?

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