here come cowboys

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In South Dakota we saw REAL COWBOYS.   Not people merely masquerading  in cowboy boots, hats, jeans and western-cut shirts.   These boys had just unloaded their horse-carrying trailer and were mounting-up ready to round-up some nearby cattle.  

In the ferocity of female-pheromone-fast-production and general dribbling I completely forgot about the camera as World Traveller excitedly announced

real cowboys,   there,   look,   I’ll slow up” (she was driving)

Every other pick-up truck  from Montana to Wyoming  hauls a horse-trailer.   Modern cowboys haul their horses cross-country before using them to “off road”   HA!   horses,   the orgininal “off roaders”   who needs a 4×4 when you’ve got a 6-pack of horses in your trailer!

Modern Cowboys




here come cowboys
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