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World Traveller took a fancy to reviving  her Japan developed Karaoke skills in some small town with no chance of repercussions during our road trip.    Friday,   Saturday night on the road came and went without a nearby Karaoke event.   Then.   Sunday.   The motel was attached to a restaurant-bar advertising karaoke on Sunday.  Tonight.  While carrying our stuff to our room a permanent guest briefly told us her life story and introduced us to Zack*, the bar chef who ran the Karaoke, as clients for his evening’s entertainment.   While we ate our meal a puppy-like Zack kept popping into the restaurant to check if we were ready.   He couldn’t wait.   He started singing several songs.   We heard the singing,   ordered another pint of the local brew Yuengling, and wandered into the bar.

World traveller helped me choose a relatively easy song.   “Crazy little thing called love” by Queen.   After 3 pints (one more than my usual) I levered the microphone off Zack (not an easy task) and sang.   The Bar manager commented on how my accent disappeared when I sang.  “He’s English too” I weakly protested.

World traveller picked “Me and Bobby Magee” by Janis Joplin.   Zack was on a roll,   getting the microphone from him was no mean feat.   Finally she managed it and produced a fine rendering though not to her own high standard.   Having given-up smoking constrained her ability to really scream the lyrics to her satisfaction.   The bar seemed impressed,   a school teacher,   a single mother, a tractor designer and assorted others, mainly staff at the motel-bar-restaurant,   like Zack.

As a compromise to ease removing the microphone from Zack World Traveller sang a duet with him,   “Don’t go breaking my heart” by Elton John and Kiki Dee.   He explained the lyric colour-coding to World traveller once,   twice, three times.   As they started singing he said “this is you” then “this is all me“.   Clearly the whole event was all about Zack.   I learned that the Karaoke machine only cost $30.   The school teacher asked me to make requests for songs she wanted to sing “He’ll do it if you ask,   he’ll ignore us” she explained.   Single mom helped me sing “don’t speak” by No Doubt and commented that I had a talent for picking songs with difficult timing.   School teacher went home to pick-up her child (another single mom) then came back to finish the evening with us.

Other songs covered:   New York New York (Franky),   Saturday night’s alright for fighting,   Candle in the wind (Elton John),   Yellow (Coldplay),   Let me sleep on it (Meatloaf)  and some American classics I barely recall in the ilk of Hotel California.   At midnight the bar manager threw us all out.   For $2 a beer World Traveller and I had a spanking good time only totalling $12.   Bargain!  As we ambled back to our Motel room and hugged goodbye’s one of the people at the bar,   that neither of us recall having spoken to, gave us his email address commenting that he would be hunting Bear in Montana soon,   out our way.  



*names have been changed to protect the singers

karaoke cling
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  1. Kate writes:

    Yuenling means you must be in PA! Hard to get outside that state.



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