soul mining showers

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Mining:   turn of the century miners needed powerful water-pressure to blast the grime out of all known and unknown orifices.  knock-you-over, spray-everything in the room,  water-jets produce a numbing, heavenly, massage that pummels dead surface skin from your body and down the plug-hole.   It’s the kind of shower you take when you’re actually clean for the sheer pleasure of it.   These showers covered three states:

  • Idaho (Silver)  
  • Montana (copper, silver, gold, zinc, lead, manganese, cadmium, bismuth, selenium)  
  • Black hills of South Dakota (Silver, Gold,   Gems)

In blast-you-away soul cleansing priority order these were our top shower experiences:

Cowboy: As we moved into the flatlands of the high plains showers lost their skin-stripping power becoming merely powerful.   Shower spray lost some breadth.   Still superior to the average city shower they surely worked to strip  the dust and pollen from a cowboy’s thighs.   This thought alone inspired a sufficiently pleasant experience to keep me lingering in the shower  beyond mere physical cleanliness.

Trucking:   these showers are located in low-cost motels placed by the Interstate in areas that are not set-up to blast miners clean or strip the dust  from cowboys.   Sweat removing  showers.   They are pleasant.   A good shower in a city normally meets trucking shower quality.

Tourist: got some mucky children?   Then just chuck them in this nice little shower with a pretend-bath at the bottom and use our pretty motel supplied soap to foam-up and splish-splash away the dirt.   A basic satisficing experience.   All the sensual pleasure replaced by eye-candy accessories.

Toy:   now these showers in a gas-station restroom baffled the socks off me.   They were only good for washing feet,   or maybe they are b-day’s?    Waste of space unless you’ve got smelly feet or a squitty bum.

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soul mining showers
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