in a tight spot

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 sunset in Yellowstone park:

Sunset over some geysers


Imagine it’s 10pm at night.   You’re driving through,   no street lights,   almost no traffic.   The sensible tourists left  before sunset.   The gas tank is running dangerously  low,   the winding roads make judging distance from the map more a wild guess than an approximate  calculation.   If we run-out AAA could always send someone with a large jug of gas,   if we can get cell-phone reception to call them.    We may be sleeping in the truck if we don’t get to a gas station soon.   We’re in a tight spot.   Conversation stops.  

Our headlights revealed a car  stopped in the road ahead.   We pull up.    One by one 5 Buffalo  climb from the steep incline onto the flat road.   In silent awe we forget that we might be sleeping in the truck as these lighfooted giants  gracefully cross the road ahead.  

Soon after the Buffalo crossing we found a motel.    The morning  revealed a gas station within 100 yards of the gas-starved truck.


in a tight spot
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